Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reading The Sartorialist in a City that doesn't Sleep

Image via The Sartorialist

Since coming to New York City, I've found myself waking up at early hours of the morning, or staying up late at night. I get unreasonably excited about the new worlds waiting around the corner, the endless shops, the stream of people who pass me in the streets, the unpredictable customers at my gallery job. I've since found a blog that captures this same energy through fashion photography. The Sartorialist is a guy who snaps pictures of fashionable people in the streets. I am endlessly inspired by the examples of excellence and originality he discovers. I was up til 1am last night reading his blog, then until 2am writing a poem about it:

I wish it wasn't 1am.
There is so much
World out there, Sartorial
Moments screen by screen.
My consolation: tomorrow
I'll wear a little orange
Scarf to work
This silken flag will be
My prize for sleeping
A couple hours.

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